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Journal…….. | Get Quick Solution
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To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 13 answering the following prompt:

Earlier, literally right above these instructions, I mentioned luck. Before I take you to the “lucky” journal, I need to set the stage, so bear with me. Due to “social distancing” and/or quarantining/”stay at home” orders, most of us have found ourselves at home more than usual; this status has left us with some extra time on our hands. Some have filled the time surplus with excessive viewing of streaming services, extreme gardening/home improvement, exceptional baking/cooking, and then we, in this class, have filled it with excruciating writing, reading, and researching! In spite of these “fillers,” we probably still find some left over time, so I am going to give you a mental exercise to help you pass some more time!

You have just won the lottery and hit it big! Just to quell the questions, you have won 100 million dollars (after taxes)! What are you going to do with the money? Write me a paragraph with specific details. Don’t tell me you are going to buy a house; tell me where it is, how big it is, etc.

Oh, before I go, yes, we can talk grades for the right kind of incentive; send me an email!

Write your answer in a paragraph (150-250 words).


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