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Journal Writing | Get Quick Solution
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Use the “Drops of Dew” prompt from the Hank Kellner Write What You See folder; before you begin, be sure to read the overall Journaling Prompt that will guide your summer journaling and offer specific instruction.

Instraction and tips

Audience: You and Me – that’s it!

Purpose: To cultivate the habit of writing. I’d like you to explore your own mind, to reflect as a writer, thinker and student and make connections about what you are learning and pondering in your own life.

Prompt: Twice a week, make time to sit down and write for approximately 15-20 minutes (writing efficiency and thinking, of course, varies greatly).You can consider this to be a diary, a freewrite, a rant, a letter to me, a brain drain, a crafted personal narrative, or the terrible drudgery of busy work (I recommend any perspective except the last).Use this time to dig deep and use the medium of writing to explore self, world, conflict and/or environment.

Source: There will be an “assigned” prompt for each entry; sometimes that will come from the folder on Blackboard that contains 30+ prompts where I encourage you to respond in writing to the photograph, the quote, OR one of the stated prompts – you should follow your inspiration, not try to answer every question on the prompt – depth over breadth. Sometimes I will ask an impromptu question that might connect to current events in or out of class to encourage you to respond to a philosophical concept. You may also diverge from this task and truly journal by writing what is on your mind – you do not need to stick to the prompt every week.

Length: around 500 words (quality over quantity)

Deadline: Journals are due online by 11:59 p.m. on Sundays and Wednesdays

Submission: Use the individual Journal assignments labeled by date under “Journaling + Module 4” on Bb; paste your text into the Journal page, do not attach a file.

Grading: I am looking for content and depth. Your writing does not to be perfect; that is the nature of journaling – it’s rough, raw and instinctual.I will read your journals promptly as you submit and occasionally give the class feedback, but this is an intellectual exercise designed for your growth and evaluated holistically.There are 10 journaling submissions over the duration of the summer worth 20 percent of your course grade. I will post a grade using a rubric on Blackboard for every fifth journal (one half of the total 20%).For example, entries 1-5 will be worth 10% of your course grade and will be read individually but graded collectively, with the grade posting after the fifth entry. Again, DO NOT upload a file for your journals, type directly or cut and paste your text into the actual assignment page.

Tips: You get out of this endeavor of writing what you put into it. You can use all the digital tools available including photos, links and more.While the journal is private, do pay attention to standard writing conventions (punctuation, paragraphs etc.). As the course progresses, one way to improve your journals is to experiment with writing craft techniques, creativity and rhetorical appeals we’ve explored in class.

Where is this going? Toward the end of the term, you will be selecting one private journal entry and using it as a foundation for an exercise in revision and making automatic writing public and audience ready.This additional journal revision is the Module 4 final assignment and a separate grade and rubric apart from the weekly exercise.

No late journals will be accepted; all links are open now disappear at 11:59 on the due date, and I re-release the link after I have read the journals.If you miss the deadline, just move on.


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