Juvenile Delinquency Literature Review Using your annotated bibliography from Week 2, write a literature review of 3–4 pages. Many peer-reviewed academic j | Homework Answers

Juvenile Delinquency Literature Review Using your annotated bibliography from Week 2, write a literature review of 3–4 pages. Many peer-reviewed academic journal articles contain a literature review section. Research to find and read several of these.

The literature review is not a listing of abstracts or simple paraphrasing. If your introduction and literature review are combined, ensure that each specific point in establishing the importance of your topic is supported by citations of proper sources. The points you are emphasizing are a reflection of the research and findings that you have developed around your chosen topic. Your ultimate paper is your own unique perspective, and in the literature review you are assembling related research to support your own work.

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Juvenile Delinquency Literature Review Using your annotated bibliography from Week 2, write a literature review of 3–4 pages. Many peer-reviewed academic j | Homework Answers
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Assignment Guidelines

Using your annotated bibliography from Week 2, conduct a literature review of your selected sources.
Your literature review should be 3–4 pages in length.

Remember to use APA style for all references and citations.

3-4 pag

Week 2 assignment

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography contains a list of different sources that one would intend to use in a particular research. However, in addition to listing the different sources of information, an individual also delves deeper into understanding the context of the research studies in addition to the different strengths and weaknesses of the research. Consequently, one would not simply gather a list of possible sources of information without going throughthe content to determine the effectiveness of the content in presenting an ideal source of support for his or her ideas as presented in the research. The resulting critical review would then give the researcher an opportunity to determine whether the source is relevant or not. In addition to critiquing a particular article, one also determines how he or she would use the article in the research. In this case, the researcher would align the contents of the determined article to the outline of the study, resulting to appropriate placement of a source in explaining a particular point one wishes to make. Ultimately, the annotated bibliography helps developa potential structure for the researcher, while ensuring that the sources used in the study are fit well enough into the research topic.

Notably, policy analysts often depend on existing research to make recommendations for different organizations. While engaging in such responsibilities, it would be ineffective if the analyst simplyconsulted different internet sources and wrote down what he or she found as the suggestions made to the policy in question. Unlike having a disorganized internet search and consequent dependence on any data available, it would be more effective if the researcher conducted a research based on existing scholarly material of studies conducted by scholars with respect to the policy in question. Ultimately, the policy analyst would then end up with a list of possible research studies he or she could consult, with the consequent evaluation of the basis of the different studies presenting an opportunity to finda study conducted in an organization and situation to one he faces. In this case, he would have engaged some form of critiquing of the different sources of information, from which he would then find the most relevant recommendations for presentation to his or her employer. Otherwise, some of the information found in internet sources is based on opinions and implementation may not be any more effective than if he had just developed solutions without looking through the internet for insight (Klein, 2001). Therefore, the use of internet sources would result to the research analyst missing a basis for credibility of the suggestions made.

In essence, the use of reliable sources of information is best achieved through conducting a thorough review of the different sources, with an annotated bibliography being one of the possible ways to conduct such a review. However, there is always the need to convert the annotated bibliography into an actual literature review when one eventually delves into completing a particular research paper. In this case, one could easily experience challenges such as plagiarism if he or she does not completely understand the contents of the research that he plans to use, and copies information directly from the material. Therefore, it is essential that one goes through the different research information sources, understands the information, and the relationship between the different sources with respect to the topic of study. Additionally, knowledge of proper citation and referencing of all borrowed ideas from the different sources would be highly consequential to writing an ideal literature review from the annotated bibliography.


Klein, B. D. (2001). User perceptions of data quality: Internet and traditional text sources. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 41(4), 9-15.


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