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Kant/Regan P2 | Get Quick Solution
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Discussion 1 – Kant

The the categorical imperative rings true in many cases. But, does it work for every case? Would you endorse this as the correct ethical theory? Or, would you want to modify or replace it in some way? And why?

Answer in 6-8 sentences, focusing on the first or the second form of the categorical imperative.

Discussion 2 – Regan

Make a post of 6-8 sentences, discussing vegetarianism, hunting, pets, or zoos (choose one of these to discuss).

What do you think Tom Regan would say about the topic? And, how does this relate to your own views (do you agree or disagree, and why)? If relevant, feel free to bring in your own experiences too.

The answers should be based on your opinion, no need to cite quotes. Also, you dont need to answer every part of the question if you dont want to


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