kin 4909 health science | Browse Homework

Choose ANY article on disability and physical activity – it can be about schools, community, fitness, corporate, rehabilitation, sport – whatever genre that supports your future learning or employment. The article must be dated within the last 5 years, peer reviewed and North American. Minimum of a 6-page article. write a two to three page critical review of your article WITHOUT using other sources for comparison. This assignment is more about your critical opinion of the article and your experience and knowledge from your education and life so far. Being critical means questioning the study, methods, results or program and comparing their research to your experiences. Make sure you choose an article that supports a valid critique. Please include a title page and use 7th edition APA formatting. Also submit the article you read as a separate file in .pdf – NOT as a link.

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kin 4909 health science | Browse Homework
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