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Law Case Study | Get Quick Solution
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Please make sure that all websites used to look for a felony offense is government website. Avoid using fake or not legal site in my case planning. Make it three pages and please make sure to always proof read the work. I need someone who speak proper English. I provided two files as examples. Also, make sure that the probation plan has all the steps needed and provided on those files that I uploaded. For further information, please contact me by email or through this website message. Thank You!

Review the Help Guide to Probation Case Planning. Help_Guide_for_Probation_Case_Plan_112508_aas.pdfPreview the document

Choose a felony offense. Write a probation plan with conditions, programs to be completed, and so on for each crime.

You may be able to find a sample probation plan online to help with the formatting. A format may look similar to this: (Links to an external site.)


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