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Leadership Self Assessment Paper | Get Quick Solution
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I took couple of tests so its easier to get the info. I will attach a screenshot of instructions below and instructions it self.

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Assignment One:

Students will be introduced to a Leadership Self Assessment the first week of class. These types assessment tools are utilized to evaluate individuals to identify both strengths and weaknesses. When completed honestly, they can be helpful measurements of whom and what you are.

Complete a Leadership Self Assessment of your choice, online that is free of charge, and write a concise 2 PAGE, well- structured paper on your Leadership Self Assessment. Take 3 or 4 interesting points about the activity, including the results, and compare and contrast the results of the Leadership Self Assessment. Make some assumptions, draw some conclusions. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and exit your comfort zones.

Please refer to the grading rubric to understand how this assignment will be graded

A couple of days after the assignment is due, you will be assigned a classmate peer review for this assignment for 1 of your fellow classmates. Please review and make comments, and issue points based on the assignment rubric to that classmate. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THIS PEER PROCESS, POINTS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOUR ASSIGNMENT!


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