Legal Case Analysis (Summary)

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Legal Case Analysis (Summary)
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Students should have selected your company and a case your company has litigated (or is litigating) for your Legal Case Analysis. Please provide a brief summary for that case.

The summary should state the name of the case, facts that led up to case, and generally what the case is about. Students should use the IRAC method that we have used previously in class.

Students should be able to describe the case as if you are an employee describing the case to your employer or an employer explaining the case to your legal management team. You can use the format below.


Case Name

Facts 5 to 7 sentences

Issue 1 sentence ( hit: Is a question, what are they arguing?)

Rule/Area of Law 1 to 2 sentences (hit: such as U.S. Constitution, Census Act)

Parties Argument 1 to 2 sentences for each (hit: the defendant’s argument, the plaintiff argument)


Note: Please let me know which company and case are you gonging to select before you start.

I will invite you to do the whole legal case analysis later, so please stay online.



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