Listen to at least 20 min and write a summary | Get Quick Solution

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Listen to at least 20 min and write a summary | Get Quick Solution
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KNPR “State of Nevada” Program Instructions and Grading Criteria

The topic is KNPR’s (88.9 FM Radio) “State of Nevada” program. Listen to at least 20 minutes of the “State of Nevada” program, which is broadcast from 9-10am and 7-8pm Monday through Friday. From time to time, an alternative program airs in its place: Be certain you are listening to the “State of Nevada.” Previous days’ programs are available on streaming audio online (start at and listen only to a “State of Nevada” program).

Make sure that the program you watch is not more than two weeks old. You will also find additional information on each program at that website, including the names of the guests. The segment you write on must be related to Nevada government. It may not, for example, be sports or entertainment-related. Write a summary of what you heard. Be sure to address the following thoroughly:

What was the topic being discussed? Provide background.

Who were the participants? Be sure to name all.

What were the specific issues or controversies discussed?

What were the positions or points made by the participants? Were there opposing opinions?

It has to have title on it.


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