Listening Journal 2 | Get Quick Solution

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Listening Journal 2 | Get Quick Solution
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In 200 words explain your understanding concerning each piece listened to, so comment on what you hear, how it associates with the video lectures and/or corresponding readings from the assignment text, your impression of what you hear, any of the questions listed to encourage deeper thought you feel appropriate, etc. Musical terminology gained from the vocabulary assignments are appropriate and expected to be used in the appropriate fashion, as well as the use of complete sentences, correct grammar, spell check, and other tools at your disposal, including proper use of valuable information in the accompanying descriptions. *I want to see evidence in your reports that the clips were viewed and the descriptions were read.* Listed here are some basic ideas on what to include in your journals to help get you started:

Example TWO: The greatest Italian violinist of the Baroque as Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713). He was a very influential instructor, was the first to employ playing on multiple strings, & wrote only instrumental music, which is a rarity for a composer in any era. He is most remembered for his trio sonatas (a work for 2 solo instruments and continuo – so confusingly 4 performers even though the genre is called a ‘trio’). Sonatas of this period were always in multiple movements, and 4 was most common. This work is for 2 solo violinists, and as typical the movements will alternate between slow and fast, always ending with a fast, flashy movement.A. Corelli: Trio Sonata u d-minor, op.3 no.5 – Croatian Baroque Ensemble (Links to an external site.)A. Corelli: Trio Sonata u d-minor, op.3 no.5  - Croatian Baroque Ensemble


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