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Literature Review | Get Quick Solution
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This week you will be pulling together your research and writing assignments from the course and using them to create a literature review. If you are unfamiliar with the concept and format of literature reviews, see OWL’s sample paper for more information.

Your paper must be 8 to 10 pages in length (double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font).

The final paper must be in narrative form and include the three following sections:

Part 1 – The Introduction

The introduction will briefly introduce the student’s research question. Students should discuss why their selected question is interesting and is relevant. Students should clearly present their thesis statement as if they were going to test this thesis in the methods section of a scholarly research article.

Part 2 – The Literature Review

This section of the paper will be a literature review. Discuss research that you have found that speaks to your thesis. You should address the following:

Describe any key theoretic concepts or ideas from the research that are relevant to your topic. (You must include appropriate in-text citations.)

How does this research specifically connect to your research question and thesis? (You should go beyond simply saying the research has to do with “terrorism” in general. Specific connections to your thesis should be described.)

Critically analyze the various research articles. How do the articles speak to each other? How do they conflict with each other?

Are there any gaps in the overall body of related scholarly research? Are there any unanswered questions or problems with the research you have found? Is the research you have found sufficiently convincing?

How does the existing body of research inform the methods that would be required to test your thesis?

***Your literature review must discuss at least 10 sources, at least 6 of which must be from scholarly journals.

Part 3 – Conclusion

Based on the literature you have reviewed, you should conclude by discussing what additional information you would need in order to test your thesis. Comment about what research and methods you would use if you were to test your thesis.

Part 4 – Reference list in APA format.

Your paper must include at least 10 sources (but no more than 12) relevant to your thesis. At least six must be from scholarly journals found on EBSCOhost.

Note: you may use sources that are listed in the syllabus under the heading “Additional Readings (Optional)” as sources for your literature review.

Formatting criteria

Standard APA formatting.

8 to 10 pages in length.

Double Spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Assignments have been attached.


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