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Logic model submission and presentation | Get Quick Solution
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Task: (You can refer to the ppt of my class 4 weeks ago and this work sample provided by the teacher to complete)

Select a program/policy/intervention and develop and submit a program evaluation logic model for it.
Present the model in class , in individual student presentations. 2-3 mintues.

Each student will introduce a program that is of interest to them and present a program theory
logic model that outlines the intent behind the program. The logic models will describe
the program in terms of assumptions, inputs, activties, outputs and proposed outcomes and
A maximum of 3 powerpoint slides are permitted. At least one of these will include the logic
The following should be consulted:
W. K. Kellogg Foundation. (2004). Logic model development guide.

There is potential to link this assignment to the Program Evaluation Plan (Assessment 3)
so spend some time finding a suitable program to evaluate. Make it a program that you have a
personal or professional interest in and you will be able to develop a logic model and PE plan
for it.


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