macro intervention strategy paper (5-7 pages) | Get Quick Solution

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macro intervention strategy paper (5-7 pages) | Get Quick Solution
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my assignment is to write 5-7 page essay answering the following three questions. The paper should be APA format, 12 points, times new roman font, 1 inch margins, and MUST include work cited page for all the sources used. PLEASE NO PLASURISM.

1.Pick an issue that effects a specific community in San Diego or a community you are familiar with. Examples include safety, foster care, drug prevention, homelessness, teen pregnancy, etc.Explain the issue, why it’s a community problem, and give evidence in detail (with data/statistics).Score:/3Comments:

2.Design a macro intervention program that addresses the issue while building social capital and tapping the assets and strengths of the community.Score:/15Comments:

3.Incorporate all relevant strategies and concepts learned from class and readings (at least 5). Need to define each concept, cite, and apply to examples.Score:/10Comments:


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