Man-made Disaster Emergency plans | Get Quick Solution

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Man-made Disaster Emergency plans | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment Description

Evaluate your emergency management plan for natural hazards, and then use your findings to create a new emergency management plan for technological or man-made hazards (specifically terrorist attacks). The individual plan that you develop must be a concise, well-organized emergency management plan that conforms to established professional guidelines for natural disasters.

Assignment Guidelines

  • In 3-5 pages, develop an emergency management plan for terrorist attacks.
  • The plan must address the following at minimum:
    • Situation and assumptions
      • What are the circumstances? (Hint: Create a scenario that is different from the Unit 4 scenario.)
    • Authority
      • What is the chain of command? Explain.
    • Purpose
      • What are the objectives of the plan? Explain.
    • Concept of operations
      • What are the functions and tasks that will be performed to fulfill the plan’s goals and missions?
    • Organization and assignment of responsibilities
      • Who is in charge of specific functions and tasks? Why?
    • Direction and control
      • How will the processes of the plan stay on course? Explain.
    • Plan development and maintenance
      • What are some key factors that must be taken into consideration during the plan development phase?
  • What are the most significant differences that you found between developing a natural hazard emergency management plan and developing a man-made hazard emergency management plan? Explain.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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