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Measurement and surveys | Get Quick Solution
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OK, we have been learning about surveys, and measurement systems and level of measurement. What we’ll due in this assignment is to develop a survey and discuss the measurement system.

Now here is the scenario:

A researcher wants to know if UCF college students political party affects their satisfaction about police departments. The researcher will develop a survey to ask college students their political party and ask five questions to measure their satisfaction with police departments.

Part 1:

For everyone: identify the variables in the study and the kind of research.


If your last name begins with A-K, develop the informed consent, or what I call preamble, for such a survey.

If your last name begins with L-Z, develop a 6-question survey. One question will ask about political party five questions will ask about satisfaction with police and these questions will use a Likert scale. There will be one demographic question asking people their major.

Part 2 ALL:

Using the following table, write the first and second paragraph of the measurement subsection as illustrated in this week’s Weekly update (#5). This includes things like telling how you will measure and score any variable and the level of measurement for any variable. Assume all questions are like the first one- strongly satisfied is very satisfied.

Strongly satisfied (4) Satisfied (3) Neutral (2) Dis-satisfied (1) Strongly Dis-satisfied (0)
Q1. I am satisfied with the police
Percent of Respondents
Democrat X%
Independent Y%
Republican Z%

For those writing the actual questions, upload a document; for the tasks you can use a test file or upload.


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