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Media Discussion | Get Quick Solution
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to relate the material you learn in class to your daily lives through the use of memes, videos, news articles, or any other type of readable-viewable-shareable item ( can potentially include TikTok videos, Instagram posts/stories, or other social media).

Please use your best judgement in terms of appropriate media— think flexible PG-13.


1. Find a piece of media (meme, comic, article, or short video) that relates to a concept in the current section

If you are having trouble narrowing down what might relate to the section we are discussing, look at the class slides online for potential topics.

2. Write a short (4-5 sentence) paragraph that:

    1. Describes your media
    2. Introduces the concept you think it relates to
    3. Explains why the piece of media you chose relates to this course concept

    2, after finish disscusion, please respond 4 people’s post


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