Media Project I: What a Feminist Looks Like | Get Quick Solution

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Media Project I: What a Feminist Looks Like | Get Quick Solution
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Your first media project is your opportunity to consider what feminism means to you, and to create a story featuring someone who embodies your definition of feminism.

This person can be a historical figure or a contemporary figure. They might be an artist, a politician, an author, an activist, or other public figure. You’ll need to do research on them, and introduce us to them using contexual media which might include photos, video, drawings, text, voice over, and/or ambient sound. You may use the software of your choice (wevideo, imovie, etc.) to create this 2-3 minute digital story in which you share your research.

You must cite at least three sources in your project, and include a bibliography with all sources in complete MLA format.

Do not use generic music from the software or music with lyrics.

Following are the criteria for full points for all media assignments:

2-3 minutes in length
Responds to the title and intention of the assignment
Clear and audible sound and visual quality
Title screen with your name and course number
At least three research sources that are cited throughout your video (just as you would in a research paper)
End screen with a complete MLA formatted bibliography

*Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia and other search engines are not original sources. Any images, quotes, charts, etc. that you find there must be traced to their original publications.



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