Memos: Routine and Sensitive Messages | Get Quick Solution

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Memos: Routine and Sensitive Messages | Get Quick Solution
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Memos: Routine and Sensitive Messages
Assignment Snapshot:

one routine and one sensitive memo using information from Chapters 8

and 9 reading assignments. Routine memo: p. 295 #1 Sensitive memo: p.

296 #5
Page Design:
Typical memo format is shown in Figure 8-8 on p. 286
Not required for this assignment, but you may include one if helpful to the reader
Complete information


To be able to effectively create both routine and sensitive emails

using proper memo format and employing professional workplace style and


Assignment:  Complete both of the following memos  Save

them as one document  Submit them on the TurnItIn link on the Moodle


1. Routine Memo: Carefully read the scenario provided in

#1 on page 295. Create a memo as instructed in the exercise. An example

of standard memo format is illustrated on page 286. Include all the

information in your memo. 2. Sensitive Memo: Carefully read the scenario

provided in #5 on page 296. Also, read pages 283-284 and thee Checklist

on 285 for information that you can include in this memo. Remember that

this is a sensitive memo. Your tone is important. Review the chapter

summary about sensitive messages on 327. Remember that your purpose is

inform employees of the concerns while instructing about proper business



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