Mental Health and the Community REvision: The paper has already been written. I just need a few edits

I’m studying for my Sociology class and need an explanation.

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Mental Health and the Community REvision: The paper has already been written. I just need a few edits
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Attached is detailed instructions which the instructor has given. Please note that the local community services programs are located in the county of San Diego, California. Please research those community programs to be able to write about in the second half of the paper. Given how detailed these instructions are, it should be straight forward on how to write it. If there are any issues, please reach out ASAP as I do not want any confusion which may lead to my paper being not turned in on time.

REVISION: I need the prompt to be followed accurately. The introduction does not need to be longer than a simple paragraph stating what the paper is about. The sociological framework should be a brief outline linking the material/themes to introduce the topic. The Literature Review should be a short review/introduction of the three sources being used. The Findings section should be where most of the paper is written.It asks 4 critical questions that MUST be answered. The community service section must relate to services available in San Diego, CA.Finally, the conclusion should be a paragraph.

In this third revision, the Literature Review has nothing to do with the Findings section. It introduces nothing about the authors or what they wrote about. The Findings section answers one question of the 4 critical questions. It needs to answer ALL questions. The rest will suffice. I cannot stress how much the prompt must be followed otherwise the paper makes no sense.


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