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Mexican American Studies response | Get Quick Solution
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Each question has to be answered with the following link that is provided in the question.

1) how did the Anglo-Americans’ victory over Mexico in 1836 introduce major institutional changes in Texas?

  • what factors helped to shape Anglo-American attitudes towards the Tejanos?
  • what methods werre used to keep Tejanos “subordinate and economically and politically defenseless” during the 19th century?
  • file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/Deleon-Spaniards,%20Mexicans%20and%20Americans.pdf

2) why did the early Spanish colonist call the Indians “Pueblos”?

  • what two problems plagued the Spanish sources on the Pueblo Revolt?
  • the early Pueblos sources attributed the origins of the Pueblo Revolt to what factors?
  • which factors do historians say may have caused the Pueblo Revolt?
  • file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/Weber%20-%20Pueblos,%20Spaniards%20and%20History.pdf

3) What were the events which lead to Mexico banning immigration from the U.S.?

What were the specific reasons, in addition to slavery, that Mexico banned immigration from the U.S.?


  • What were the reasons that Mexicans Americans were lynched in the American Southwest?
  • What crime were they often charged with?
  • What message was being sent to Mexicans living in the Southwest by these lynchings?
  • What reasons did Anglos give for why they lynched Mexicans?


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