Microsociology and Technology and Social Evolution | Get Quick Solution

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Microsociology and Technology and Social Evolution | Get Quick Solution
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Key to the analysis of micro-level social interactions are the concepts of: social status, social roles, and social structure. Review the definition and examples of these concepts in chapter 5 (or better, check your notes from chapter 5). Then, complete the following learning activity:

  1. Write a short statement identifying 5 social statuses that you currently occupy and describe the social roles associated with each status.

You are not required to write formal essay. You can list the 5 statuses and describe the roles. Of course you can write a short essay, if you prefer.

When you are ready, click on “Submit Assignment,” at the top-right of this page. Write your answer. Click “submit” again.

If you are new to Canvas, you may watch a short video about assignments (Links to an external site.), or a video about submitting assignments (Links to an external site.), or check the Canvas Student Guide (Links to an external site.).

Technology and Social Evolution (GRADED DISCUSSION)

1616 unread replies.1616 replies.

Write two o more paragraphs answering the following questions:

  • In which ways has the transition from foraging to farming been beneficial for humanity?
  • In which ways has the transition from forging to farming been detrimental for humanity?
  • Do you consider the movement from foraging to farming human “progress?” Why?

After submitting your answers, please reply to at least three (3) of our classmates’ posts, pointing out their good points as well as any limitation you see in their arguments.

Your original answer to the questions as well as your reply-comments to other students must be of substantial quality in order to get points. Substantial quality includes a demonstration that you have completed the required readings and videos and thought critically about them. Your answers and reply-comments must be original, use your own ideas and words. Do not copy from any website or written material from another person.

You must post your original answers first, in order to see other students’ answers.

If you are new to canvas, check the video on how to participate in a discussion (Links to an external site.) or consult the canvas student guide (Links to an external site.) for a text explanation.


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