Module 02 English Composition Credit by Assessment

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Module 02 English Composition Credit by Assessment
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Demonstrate ability to comprehend and summarize in written material.


Write a one page analysis of the document provided here following the steps of the writing process, as well as showing the thesis of the article, the main points that support that thesis, and your own response and reaction to the author’s point of view and how it is presented. Do this in complete paragraphs using correct formal English that has been revised, proofed, and edited to show good form.

Grading Rubric







Not Submitted

No pass




Thesis Identified

Not Submitted

Student’s paper did not identify the thesis of the reading passage correctly, or no attempt was made.

Student’s attempts to identify the thesis of the reading passage are evident in this exercise

The introductory paragraph remains unclear as to the thesis of the article.

Student confidently cites the thesis of the passage and builds his/her summary around this information


Not Submitted

Student submission includes too few sentences written to show any analysis of the article. Idea development is lacking.

Student’s sentences tie to main idea of the paragraph assignment, but do not include any in-depth detail

Student uses examples to show analysis in his/her summary, and most of the summary shows in-depth analysis

Student’s sentences fully discuss main ideas of the article, offer in-depth original ideas about the article offering an in-depth analysis of the reading.


Not Submitted

Inadequate organization of the one page analysis of the article as assigned, or too little is written to evaluate. Incomplete analysis other than “surface” summary offered

Organization of paper shows attempts to tie in to the major ideas of the article; however, some crucial ideas are omitted or left unexplained.

Organization correctly organizes paragraphs of paper; however, some elements do not support a clear thesis

Student’s organization shows thoughtful consideration of possible implications of the article ideas. Student uses support relevant to review entire article

Sentence Variety

Not Submitted

Student’s writing and sentence choices are not coherent. Use of simple and repetitive or incorrect sentences interferes with competent analysis of the selection.

Student performs mostly cursory repetition of simple sentences. Some varied sentence structures chosen and used correctly. Limited use of transitions used.

Some varied sentence structures chosen and used correctly, some sentence choices do not show transitions to keep the assignment examination moving from A to B to C.

Varied sentence structure and simple/complex sentences handled correctly. Demonstrates competent use of the steps of the writing process. Effective use of transitions noted.


Not Submitted

Paper contains incomplete sentences, word usage errors, sentences with mechanical errors etc. that distract from the meaning of the student’s paper.

Some grammatical and mechanical errors evident in sentence choices for the summary paragraph. Most sentences convey complete thought; however, some are confusing.

Grammatical and mechanical errors are minimum, and do not distract from meaning of the paper.

All sentence choices create analysis containing a good topic sentence, through discussion of the main idea of that topic. A variety of simple and complex sentences with no grammatical and/or mechanical errors.


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