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Module 3 Discussion | Get Quick Solution
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Hello Class,

It is time to post your answers to all discussion questions for the Module 3 Discussion.

Please number the questions. Do NOT write the questions out. I just want to see your answers. Be sure to post your word count. It must be 400 or more words. Peer posts must be at least 100 words. Again, be sure to post your word count for both postings.

Dr. M

Discussion Questions:

  1. Describe what is meant by the social construction of race. How can this concept be applied to Americans from multiple racial backgrounds?
  2. Describe how affirmative action programs are perceived by some to have both helped and hindered the mission and goals of certain minority groups. Give examples to support your answer.
  3. Have you ever experienced racism or discrimination based on your ethnicity? Explain. If not, why does discrimination still exist especially in the US where we are a melting pot?
  4. In what ways are stereotypes used to reinforce the subordinate position of minorities? Give examples.
  5. Have you ever experienced gender bias? If yes, how so? If no, why does gender bias still exist?
  6. Describe why females in the United States are traditionally more receptive to giving up their maiden name for marriage than males would likely be.
  7. What is meant by the “social construction of gender”? How was your gender constructed? More specifically, what did you learn from your family about your gender and gender role?
  8. What are some of the major problems faced by two parent families and single parent families today?
  9. What can we as a society do to prevent so many divorces?
  10. In the school system, of what knowledge is the most worth? Who should make these decisions? What hidden functions should be taught? For example, whose culture should be taught when the US consists of so many different cultures and subcultures?



Tiana Bentley posted Feb 13, 2020 2:20 PM

  1. Social construction of race is the fact that socially, your identifiable features automatically place you in a box of a certain race. This concept can be applied to Americans from multiple racial backgrounds because our society often forces those of multi-racial backgrounds to pick one race to identify with.
  2. Affirmative action programs are perceived by some to have helped and hindered the goals of minority groups because many people feel they offer a discrimination against the majority or those who have had the privilege of not facing discrimination. For example, after the passing of affirmative action efforts many politicians and Americans fought against them because they believed they in turn were now being discriminated against.
  3. Discrimination still exist in the United States because people still feel superior to others. Hatred and racism are taught behaviors, it is not a genetic instinct you are born with which reflects one’s parents, their peers, etc. The only reason discrimination still exists is because people feel their skin color or national origin is better than another.
  4. Stereotypes are used to reinforce the subordinate position of minorities by generalizing an entire group of people while not considering everyone is different. Stereotypes are created by the majority, to further discriminate against a minority group. For example, in WWII, black U.S. Army nurses were stereotyped to be women who wanted to seduce and lust after white American men who enlisted into the army, so they were only allowed to care after our enemy at the time, German prisoners. At the time, carrying for our enemy was seen as an inferior position.
  5. Gender bias still exist because the discriminatory thoughts about women have been engraved in people’s minds for centuries. The mindset that women are not capable of everything men can do has unfortunately lived on.
  6. Females in the U.S. are more receptive to giving up their maiden name for marriage than males because
  7. Social construction of gender is the fact socially, your gender can constrict you to discrimination.
  8. Major problems faced by two parent families may include parents who live apart to have greater financial income. Some couples often choose to live apart for a whole to further their finances. While major problems faced by single parent families include one stream of income as more families are increasingly obtaining two streams of income.
  9. As a society, we can require marriage seeking couples to obtain advisement or counseling to prevent so many divorces. For example, to obtain a driver’s license you must complete so many hours of a driver’s education course. There to obtain a marriage license, you should be required to complete a given number of hours in pre-marital advisement.
  10. The knowledge that is most worth in education is practical knowledge like finance, sustainability, grammar, changing a tire, interview skills, etc. I think parents and school officials should make these decisions. Some hidden functions that should be taught is time management. No matter what career field one decides to go in, you will always need time management. All cultures should be taught in the U.S. We must realize we can learn something valuable from everyone’s culture. No one’s culture should dominate another, we should take a little bit from everybody.
  11. Word Count: 543


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