Movie on disability

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Movie on disability
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IMPORTANT–View a movie of your choice, a feature film that concerns disability in some way. Here are the particulars for Application Assignment #3:Application Assignment 3: (34 points) To explore disability perceptions, select and watch a movie that includes a character with a disability. This can be a “classic” movie, contemporary film, or a personal favorite that you re-watch with a critical lens. In a minimum one page, double-spaced paper (250-325 words), (that you bring to class)– respond to the following questions: What is the title; who is the director? In what ways are disabled individuals/disabled bodies represented? How is this representation contrasted with normalcy? What are the messages these representations send to society? Did the character have an inclusive experience? What thoughts and questions do you have as you reflect on the film? (You do not necessarily need to answer all questions above)


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