Mythology Personality Project

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Mythology Personality Project
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MYTHOLOGY PERSONALITY PROJECT – 300+ words (100 points)


  • Select TWO Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, or beings similar to your personality (my personality is funny, sarcastic, faithful, etc.). Describe in 300 or more
    words how and why they reflect your own personal characteristics
  • Type font size #12 and use correct heading (see details below)
  • Double-space the entire paper minimum 300 words total
  • Due in Dropbox. No late projects will be accepted
  • How to Correctly Upload into the Dropbox
    • Save the document as a .doc or .rtf. If you submit a .pages files which is a file format made using iWorks on Mac,

it will not open for me to read and grade it. If you use iWorks, please re-upload it and I will be able to open it then

  • Be creative!

    Student Example of Required Format – include Student Name, Word Count and Title

Student Name

CLT 2373

Professor Mitsis


Word Count:

Mythology Personality Project

I decided to check online and see if I could find a quiz helping me identify my personality,

and match me to the two Greek gods and/or goddesses I am most like. The results came back

saying I am most like Aphrodite and Apollo.

From there I did some research and found out that I do share a lot of personality traits with

both Aphrodite and Apollo. When it comes to Aphrodite, she has been described as the goddess

of love, passion, beauty, seductive power, affection, sensitivity, devotion and inspiration. I am

like Aphrodite in the sense that I am very much a girly-girl: I love the color pink; I like getting

dressed up and going out with my girlfriends; and I like to experiment with make-up, and new

styles with my blonde hair. I also hate bugs, don’t enjoy getting dirty, and love being 20 years

old! Another trait I share with Aphrodite is being affectionate and emotional. I’m a Pisces which

makes me a very emotional person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I enjoy relationships and

having a male companion in life; however unlike Aphrodite, I have always been a faithful girlfriend

and expect my boyfriend to have the same respect for me.

Apollo is the god of music, healing, light and truth. I relate to all four of those descriptions. First of

all, I love music. I have been dancing since I was four years old and music is a huge part of dance. I

listen to everything from rock and roll, to rap, to techno. I also consider myself pretty creative. I’m

going to school for graphic design. Apollo’s second description is god of healing. I enjoy helping my

friends out and making them feel better when they’re having a rough day. I try to always have my

friends and family members’ best interest in mind and I enjoy helping them fix their problems. Being

truthful also plays a part in this. I am a very honest person. If a friend asks me if she looks good in a

pair of jeans and the answer is no, I tell her no. I can be pretty blunt at times, but I m straight forward

and to the point, and I think people admire that about me. Last but not least is the relation to light. I

love the beach and the sun. Apollo is the god of the sun. I spend lots of time at the beach soaking up

the rays and often go there to clear my head when I have a lot going on in my life.

I found it very interesting that the online quiz I took was pretty accurate with matching me to

gods/goddesses that I relate to. I had fun researching Aphrodite and Apollo and was pleasantly surprised

that I definitely share some of their personality traits.

Website where I took the quiz:…


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