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Narration Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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  1. Create a story that is realistic fiction based on the picture you choose from the selection given in class(ATTACHED BELOW).
  2. A. Your paper must be told so that the audience gets the narrative point and dominantimpression that you are trying to convey.
    B. Your paper must use the five senses to create your dominant impression.(a. sight (b. smell (c. touch (d. hearing (e. taste
  3. Your paper should tell a descriptive, realistic, fictional story based on the picture your have chosen from the list presented in class. Your story must be of your own creation. In other words, this your own realistic fiction short story from the beginning to the end. No outside sources except the picture.
  4. Your paper should be about 400-500 words in length and contain at least five (5) paragraphs. Include your word count at the end of the paper.
  5. Your paper must be typed according to the MLA. You must submit a copy of your paper to Turnitin. Your should include a copy of the picture you chose and have proper documentation under the picture.
  6. Please check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not use contractions, slang, or clichés. An academic paper uses academic rules of writing.
  7. Include a copy of the picture that you chose and include the MLA citation at the bottom of the picture. See Lecture Notes for an example.

Purpose: create an emotional response that allows your audience to experience the eventAudience: anyone who would be interested in a good work of fiction and the instructorPoint of view: first person or third person (unless in dialogue)

Dialogue example: John asked, “Where do you plan on going now, Sue?”

“I intend to give you the promotion,” said the manager, “because you have accomplished more than anyone else working on the project.”

Topics: (your paper topic must be based on the picture you select) Write your story using what is referred to as realistic fiction.


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