Need a Literature Review Topic Human Rights Violations in Cuba | Get Quick Solution

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

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Need a Literature Review Topic Human Rights Violations in Cuba | Get Quick Solution
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Hi: This is for a research paper we are working on, we are doing it by parts, I’ve already done the Introduction and thesis Statement and started on the Literature review. I’m going to send you what I have so far so you have an idea what I’m writing about. Please let me know if you can work on this for me. Need it by Wednesday evening. Thank you,

Instructions for the Literature Review:

  • Define and explain the problem
  • Summarize previous investigations to inform readers of the current state of knowledge about this problem.

Identify gaps in the literature:

  1. contradictions
  2. inconsistencies
  3. relationships, etc.
  • Describes the “gap” or “need” defined in the current literature and how it leads to the creation of the topic and problem statement for the study. Note: This section should be a significant expansion on the Background to the Problem section in the Introduction.
  • Summarizes the “societal” or big problem. Highlights what has been discovered and what still needs to be discovered related to the topic from literature or research dated within the last five years.
  • Discusses and synthesizes the evolution of the research on the problem. Specifically:· Identifies the key sources used as the basis for the gap· Identifies trends in research and literature.· Identifies how the research focus has changed over the recent past (five years).· Discusses key findings that emerged from recent studies.Discusses limitations or prior research and defined future research needs.
  • Highlight (Stating) the main issues and controversies.
  • Suggest next steps in solving the problem
  • Refer to minimum five (6) references published within the last 3-5 years (In addition to the ones already used for the Introduction)
  • There should be a minimum of 4 pages not including title pare or references page.


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