need help with psychology HW

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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need help with psychology HW
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I need help with question 1 to 3, please.

The purpose of this assignment is for students to show an understanding of Social Psychology, specifically cognitive dissonance. Students must then apply this understanding to an example from their own life. Read the textbook psychology in your life third edition and answer the following questions

To successfully complete this assignment, students must:
. Answer every question in complete sentences!

. Include textbook citations within the answer in APA style.

. Make sure that there is an APA reference page attached to the assignment.

. Make sure to follow all directions in the assignment, including word counts.

. Upload the assignment by the due date, including the APA Reference page.

Hint: When using Google docs the formatting gets messed up on the Reference page when the document is uploaded. This means you will lose points for APA style since formatting is important. You might want to save your assignment as a PDF file and then upload it!

For this assignment answer the following questions:

  • Define cognitive dissonance. Make sure you cite the textbook in the answer using APA style. Explain why are we motivated to reduce cognitive dissonance. Make sure you describe both ways that cognitive dissonance can be reduced (7 pts; Minimum 100 words, include word count)
  • Provide an example from your life about an incidence of cognitive dissonance you are currently experiencing or experienced in the past. Make sure you describe the behavior and the attitude, or both attitudes specifically. This example must be something from your own life, NOT one described in the textbook! (6 pts; Minimum 60 words, include word count)
  • Explain how you reduced your cognitive dissonance. Include whether your efforts to reduce your cognitive dissonance worked only for a short time period or if it is still working. When answering this question explain how postdecisional dissonance may help reduce cognitive dissonance for the long term. Make sure you cite the textbook in the answer using APA style. (6 pts; Minimum 60 words, include word count)


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