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Analyzing the Significance of Art

(100 points)

Overview: For your first out-of-class essay, you will select a creative visual work—photograph, painting, film, novel, poem, music video, etc.—and analyze why the art is significant and what arguments can be inferred from the piece. While it is encouraged to include personal connections to the art, be sure your arguments about its meaning are mostly universal. Because this is your first essay, and it is important to see where you are at as a writer, the guidelines for this assignment will be somewhat open-ended compared to other essays you will write this semester.
Purpose: To analyze the significance of art, make personal connections, and develop initial arguments about visual rhetoric.
Audience: Someone who might be unfamiliar with you and/or the art you have selected.

Requirements ?

Your essay should be 1000-1500 words in length (about 3-5 pages). ?

Craft a catchy title that encourages the reader to keep reading. ?

Include an introduction paragraph with a hook and a thesis statement; body paragraphs with topic sentences, specific examples to support your assertions, concluding sentences, and transitions; and a conclusion paragraph. ?

Use MLA formatting, and include the word count in your heading. ?

Embed images of/from your piece of art into your essay to enhance your reader’s experience. ?

Submit your essay to Canvas by the final due date


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