need these two question answered

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need these two question answered
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Shifting gears from the electronic evidence collection by criminal investigators to evidence creation, consider the challenges and divergent opinions within policing regarding body worn cameras.

Recent police involved shootings have again raised a number of issues regarding police department policy regarding body worn cameras. Inextricably linked to the wear or not wear debate is the issue regarding when and whether information captured by body cameras can and/or should be released to the public.

For purpose of this discussion, assume that state law and/or local police department policy requires all police departments to wear body recorders, and that some state freedom of information laws are generally unclear relative to the retention and release of footage from body worn recorders.

1.What is your overall assessment of the advantages and disadvantages to police departments with respect to the evidence value of footage from body worn cameras?

2. Should footage from body worn cameras be release to the general public? If so, why so; if not. why not?


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