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Need to do more substantial revisions | Get Quick Solution
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Please help me fix this article. The teacher say “It’s hard to give you a lot of feedback on this. You picked a job that you’re not qualified for now, which was one of the requirements. You need to re-read the prompt, and then you need to find an internship or job ad that you could apply for now. Your letter does need to be shorter. You need to decide what to cut. Then you need to re-read the chapter and student examples to get a better idea of what you need to include. We talked about the intro, for example, two or three different days in class. Your resume also needs a lot of revision. You don’t have a lot on it, so it’s unclear why you would use two pages. Instead of your personality traits, you need to list your skills and knowledge. Adding relevant coursework would help. You might also put any class projects, clubs, and volunteer work you’ve done. And I didn’t see your languages, either, which we talked about multiple days in class.”

Please change the job follow this internship. PDF 1.

And second is my article

Please help me do a resume.

Third PDF is assignmeng


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