Non Western Philosophy discussion board

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Non Western Philosophy discussion board
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Question one

Solomon and Higgins make several important preliminary statements about non-Western philosophy at the beginning of Chapter 11, which are also summarized at the beginning of Chapter 11’s handout. In light of the problems outlined there, do you think it is possible to understand or “translate” non-Western philosophies into terms that Westerners can understand and respond to? (Your instructor has attempted to provide you with several possible “translations” of this kind, when discussing non-Western philosophies in your handout. You are welcome to comment on their effectiveness.)

Question Two

Choose one or two (no more than two) of the non-Western philosophies described in Chapter 11 of your text and handout. Describe your own understanding of this philosophy. It is all right to be modest about it. You can say you don’t understand certain of its features, if, in fact, you don’t.

If you choose to do two non-Western philosophies, please discuss them in separate posts.


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