Observe people at the gym using 10 vocabulary words I listed below | Get Quick Solution

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Observe people at the gym using 10 vocabulary words I listed below | Get Quick Solution
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2) Select an established group to observe. Some ideas are clubs, teams, your family, or you can create your own group (Please use the gym for observations)

3) Identify at least 10-20 terms from the reading to observe for… I listed a bunch below.

sense of self, social cognition, social influence, person perception, expicit/inplicit cognition, obedience, aggression, stereotype, fundamental attribution error, social norms, prejudice, conformity, social loafing, deindividualization, social categorization, in-group/out-group, in-group bias, hindsight bias, diffusion of responsibility, bystander effect

4) You will conduct a participant or non-participant observation of a group performing a task(s)

5) You will apply the concepts of the chapter to your observation

6) You will keep field notes of your observation

7) You will then write up your observation, identifying in BOLD the terms that apply

8) Your observation should be 2-3 pages of text typed double-spaced in times new roman font with 1-inch margins. DO NOT include a title page name etc. Names are automatic when submitted through CANVAS

9) You will need your field notes for the discussion forum

10)Field notes should include

a. Date of observation

b. Location and address

c. Adequate descriptions of the setting and persons involved

d. Your own thoughts/ideas as you are observing

(I will obviously put the date and location but just put some observations down if you can0


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