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Origins of Religion | Get Quick Solution
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Answer each question in 9 sentences minimum .

APA Format

Put things in your own words unless the question asks for a direct quote. For required quotes, draw quotes from the original course readings, not the introductions before readings in the iBook, the course videos and notes, or any other outside sources.

  1. Define omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. Explain how each of these attributes of God/Allah are illustrated in Genesis 1-3 and Qur’an 35:1-13.
  2. Describe one similarity and one difference in how the Genesis and Qur’an readings portray creation. Include a direct quote from each reading as part of your answer, putting quotes in quotation marks and using in-text citations such as (Genesis 2: ___, Everett Fox translation) and (Qur’an 35: ___, Hilali-Khan translation). The difference you find can be a difference in what is emphasized in the two passages.
  3. Do you think the creation accounts in Genesis show a hierarchy of men over women? Why or why not? Use two quotes from Genesis 1-3 to support your view. Also, explain how you think we should respond to the Genesis creation stories today (reject them, follow them, ignore them, take a certain lesson from them, etc.)?


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