Paper on group sessions | Get Quick Solution

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

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Paper on group sessions | Get Quick Solution
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This is due in three days from when I am posting. Posting on 9/18 at 1am central standard time. I am putting two days so I can adjust depending upon when you accept it. 🙂

This project goes off of the proposal previously made which is attached. Please let me know if additional resources are needed.

I was assigned the proposal but you didn’t write it. It’s when you were unavailable, so if you have any questions, let me know.

Attached is that proposal showing what we are focusing on. Also attached is the rubric and instructions. Finally, attached is the template for the paper. PLEASE LOOK AT THE RUBRIC AND FOLLOW IT IF THERE IS ANY CONFLICT BETWEEN IT AND THE PROPOSAL OR TEMPLATE. The specific course of treatment is in the proposal. There are a lot of examples of this online. I have extensive psych knowledge so if you need help, please ask me (Karre). I suggest you download a good example of a treatment plan for the language, match it with the template, etc. The attachments have very detailed instructions and you can use parts of the proposal, just reword it so there isn’t any self-plagiarism.

Unless you are very thorough and succinct, err on side of caution and do more than min required pages for each section!!!

NOTE: You will need more references than the proposal had because of the different parts involved. Psychology is specific in the informed consents, language used, etc., so ask if you need examples, etc.

Note that this is not a project he is doing with peers (so not a group project), but a paper about group sessions. Just want to clarify that so you don’t get confused. In other words, we are doing the whole paper. The proposal shows how we are handling the group sessions but I believe you need activities, etc.

This is masters psychology. He is paying better than most pay (yaya!).

He has at least two more jobs and I’ll be sending them to you. This is the student that was doing the African American domestic violence bibliography you did and that assignment for that paper will be coming soon. He has a lot of work for us and we are now his only tutors.

This is due in 3 days from the date and time I’m posting, which is 9/18 1am central standard time. But I think there is a little leeway here.


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