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Paper References | Get Quick Solution
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In a Word document, submit a list of 10 potential sources you will be using in the development of your final assessment. For each source you need to include the following:

1. Source written in APA format.

2. A summary of the source.

3. Identify the source as a primary or secondary source. (At least 2 sources in your checkpoint and in final assessment need to be primary sources)

Important Note: You will not need to use all 10 sources in your final assessment. This checkpoint is designed to help you gather sources in preparation for your final assessment. You will need a minimum of 5 sources, at least 2 primary sources in your final assessment.

Before starting:

1. Review the following links for APA References:

2. View videos about primary and secondary sources:

Watch Video Primary vs Secondary Sources

User: Rob Redmon – Added: 12/3/13

YouTube URL:

Watch Video Understanding Primary & Secondary Sources

User: Imagine Easy Solutions – Added: 6/2/14


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