Paper Report| Compare the U.S. Supreme Court to the high court of ANOTHER country

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Paper Report| Compare the U.S. Supreme Court to the high court of ANOTHER country
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Write a Report comparing the U.S. Supreme Court to the high court of another country.

It can be Canada, Spain, Israel, Honduras, Venezuela, Greece, China or Russia. (PLEASE CHOOSE ONE COUNTRY from the examples listed)

*3 pages single spaced
* You will need to cite at least four references
* You may use whatever citation (MLA, APA, etc)

The paper is more of a “report” than a research paper. By that, I mean you are not really posing a research question or developing hypotheses, but rather describing the conditions and institutions and comparing them with the United States Supreme Court.

Here are the components to the paper. Each country is different.. I’ve tried to describe the features you should be looking for to describe and compare below:

  1. Describe the legal system of the country (i.e., common law, civil law, traditional law, a mix, etc), Please describe the similarities and/or differences with the US common law system.
  2. Describe the structure of the judiciary (district courts, appellate courts, supreme court/s). Are the courts arranged like the US in a hierarchical system or is the system specialized by topic? Is it a federal system? Etc.
  3. How judges for the high court are selected and are there any qualifications? Term limits? Etc.
  4. Conclude about some interesting aspect of the court. This could be a very controversial decision, something about the independence of the courts, controversies, impeachments, etc.


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