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paragraph | Get Quick Solution
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In this assignment, you will write one body paragraph about a challenge that you faced in your own life.


–Begin with a topic sentence that sounds like this:

One major challenge I faced in my life was when I________________________________________________.

(fill in the blank with your own personal challenge)


1.– trying to lose weight: changing eating habits to be more nutritious/healthy

— exercising

–obstacles: feeling hungry/ ignoring advertisements for fast food

2. moving to Syria by myself

obstacles: I had to learn Arabic and get to know the new culture

3. starting a new life in the USA

obstacles: learning the language and the culture

4. raising children

5. learning to play a musical instrument

— Next, add your supporting sentences. Begin with about 3 sentences of explanation which tell the reader what the challenge was. Explain when and why you had to face that challenge.

— Add about 3 sentences of specific examples and details to make your challenge clear to the reader.

— End with a concluding sentence that sounds like this:

In the end, my challenge was very difficult, but I overcame it because I___________________________________.

(fill in the blank with the reason you were able to overcome your challenge.)


1. INDENT (hit TAB or 5 spaces) at the beginning of your paragraph.

2. Double-space your paragraph. (This helps me make corrections on it.) (Below is a brief tutorial explaining how to do that.)


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