Paragraph Revision Final Draft

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Paragraph Revision Final Draft
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Revisit your paragraph as a whole: Revise to follow PIE guidelines.

Connect all the parts of the revised portion of your PIE paragraph together and place your revised paragraph here:

In my opinion, a child with growth mindset is a vision in learning theory, and a child’s growth is based on the fact that the child is active in building his thinking patterns as a result of the interaction of his innate abilities with experience, and it is the whole picture of achievement in the education system.Carol S. Dweck from Transforming Students’ Motivation to Learn shows in her article what is the differences growth and fixed mindset: she shows, “As a result, confronting challenges, profiting from mistakes, and persevering in the face of setbacks become ways of getting smarter. To understand the different worlds these mindsets, create…” (Winter 2008). To be clear, mental education is very important that it can help any person or any child of his performance and his actions and that the impact of praise and growth in the mind may bring the child or anyone the best in his life and ready to win the challenge.If the concept of academic success in the educational field refers to the knowledge gains achieved by the student and the achievement results that allow him to move to a higher level, he is employed on more than one level where experts consider him one of the important indicators to judge the extent of achieving the goals.

This a PIE paragraph, please can you just take a look and make a correction.

Remember that the article title should be in quote marks.


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