Parent/Caregiver Guidance Strategies and Newsletter

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Parent/Caregiver Guidance Strategies and Newsletter
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Students develop a parent/caregiver newsletter featuring guidance activities considered best practices.

Course Objectives

  • Describe how the principles of child growth and development serve as a foundation for working effectively in guiding and shaping the behaviors of young children.
  • Identify age-appropriate practices to promote guidance and positive discipline for young children.
  • Describe strategies for establishing and maintaining positive and productive relationships with families.
  • Directions:

    1) Save and print the Module 2 Application.

    2) Create a parent/caregiver newsletter in a Word or text document for your response. Choose fonts,colors,and graphics to make the newsletter aesthetically pleasing

    3) Develop introductory and concluding remarks for the parent newsletter.

    4) Follow the directions to submit your final Word or text document.

    Parent/Caregiver Newsletter

    Part 1: Create a newsletter for parents/caregivers to communicate the importance of supporting young children through clear expectations. The newsletter should:

  • Focus on a specific early childhood age group (toddlers, 3-year-olds, kindergarten, etc.).
  • Address a variety of common guidance strategies (giving choices, advising children in advance of changes to activities, etc.) to encourage understanding of guidance strategies used in an early childhood setting.
  • Include at least three different activities appropriate for providing guidance at home.
  • Be comprehensive in scope, aesthetically pleasing, and include language appropriate for the target audience of parents and families.
  • Part 2: Submit a summary explaining why these guidance activities were selected and incorporating professional references to support your work.


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