Part A: Discussion Post. Part B: Response to two posts

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Part A: Discussion Post. Part B: Response to two posts
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Part A:::discuss what you think a historian’s job is, what skills a historian needs to do that job, and how those skills might be applicable to your career and/or major goals.(Majoring in General Studies and IT concentration)

Part B::: In your response to peers, consider their response. Are the skills your peer posted similar or different from the skills you listed?

Post 1: My name is Sophia. I’m from Boston, Mass. I am a mother to an amazing 3 year old boy. I work as a case manager in an AFC program. I love learning about anything that help me understand better. My major is human services.

I believe a historian’s job is to study/research the events of the past. Their primary duties include obtaining historical data from libraries, archives and artifacts, determining the authenticity of historical data and teaching or researching at universities. These skills are similar to my career because I would need to research a person’s past, research their environment and who they once were.

Post 2: Greetings! My name is Debra but everyone refers to me as Deb. I am located in central Maine and I am currently employed in the transportation department of a country-wide construction company as an Admin. Specialist. With a house filled with history enthusiasts, I am looking forward to dive into past and see what I can learn. Anxious to earn a degree in Business Administration, I am excited to apply what I learn from this class to my future endeavors.

The job of a historian is to analyze, accurately record, and to share historical events. Successful historians possess skills that include: analytical, communication, research, and enthusiasm. Although these skills can apply to all career and educational paths, I will elaborate on my current position. Currently, I analyze financial data and trends to use for future decisions within the transportation department. These skills are crucial to staying within budget and to create accurate data reporting that are used to make critical decisions. In addition, I conduct research with the goal of finding the most reasonable rates when hauling cross country. We are all historians and have an obligation to pass our knowledge of historical events to future generations.


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