Personal Values Paper

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Personal Values Paper
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Personal Values Reflection Paper – 10 points

This paper is about you and self-reflection which is critical in the field of social work. Share as much personal information and experiences as you are comfortable sharing.

Use the NASW Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.) as a reference (NOTE: you WILL have a reference page), looking at the Core Values of Social Work and answer the questions below as a guide for your paper. There are no “right” or “wrong” responses. It will be graded on quality of writing and whether or not you followed/completed the assignment instructions. I will keep all information confidential.

Thinking back over the past 6 modules we have completed, reflect and respond to the following: approximately 4-5 pages:

1. How are your personal values congruent with the 6 core values of the social work profession? You should be able to tell me what the 6 core values are. You don’t have to compare your values to every one of the social work value, but do give specifics and examples. (3 points)

2. How might some of your values conflict with your ethical responsibility to adopt social work’s professional values? (3 points)

3. What will you do (behaviors/tasks) to resolve the conflict between your personal and professional values in order to practice competently and ethically according to the standards of the profession? Include the feelings that you experienced when thinking about some of these possible scenarios. This is also where you will explore the worksheet that you completed. (3 points)

4. Quality of writing (grammar/spelling) and APA 6thedition (1 point)


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