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phi210 week 9 discussion AND response | Get Quick Solution
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Week 9 Discussion Attachment

“Take a Look at Ethics Around You:”

Using what you’ve read through the WebText on ethics as a guide, examine the world around you.

Search online for your local news website and locate local a story where you believe an ethical dilemma is going on. Please keep this story local and not national news.

Explain, in a few sentences the story, the ethical dilemma you believe is going on in the story, and how you think it can be resolved.

Then comment on at least one other student’s post and solution.

Please include a link to the story in your original post.

NOTE: All students are required to post a minimum of two (2) posts per online discussion thread. Students must have one (1) original post and a minimum of one (1) other post per discussion thread.



RE: Week 9 Discussion


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Good morning Class and Dr. Wess,

Last year there was a story that broke on my local news station that a teacher had recently resigned after issuing a morality test to her students. She gave a quiz on ethical dilemmas that asked questions about sex and violent behavior (1). It included questions like “a man kills a baby rabbit with a knife” on live TV (1). Another question said, “”a brother and a sister decide that they want to sleep with each other, just once, to see what it would be like.” The spokesperson for the district issued a statement that said while the district’s approved curriculum and educational materials encourage students to think critically, there were many items in this quiz that were inappropriate and not part of the classroom guidelines (1).

The ethical dilemma going on here is that the teacher asked some pretty inappropriate questions for high school students. As you might have thought, the community was a bit upset with this material and felt disrespected. I am a believer in pushing the boundaries to being able to think critically even if it is not always the best scenarios, but this is pretty crazy for high school. I think the teacher probably did the right thing in resigning and should think about other positive ways to get her students to think critically. You can check out some of the questions that were asked from the link below.


  1. 10TV Web Staff. 2018. Hillirad teacher resigns after issuing “morality test”. Retrieved from…


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