PHIL100 7 Study questions

I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

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PHIL100 7 Study questions
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  1. What is Euthyphro’s first definition of piety; how does Socrates respond? What is Euthphro’s second definition and how does it fix the problem that the first definition had? How does Socrates respond to the second definition? Explain.
  2. What is Euthyphro’s third definition of “piety?” How does Socrates respond to this definition? Explain.
  3. What is Descartes’ goal in the Meditations? How does he employ his method of hyperbolic doubt to this end? Name and explain the various tools he uses to cast doubt, the sorts of things each tool casts into doubt, and with each tool what remains undoubted? Explain. Note: Drawing the table is not enough; you must explain the various elements on the table.
  4. At the end of Meditation One, Descartes claims that we know the mind for certain, but can’t know anything about physical objects themselves. In Mediation Two, he gives the wax argument to further prove that we can’t know anything about physical objects themselves. Explain this argument and how it demonstrates this rather bold conclusion. How is the knowledge of our mind different than knowledge of physical objects?
  5. In Locke’s Causal Theory of Perception, he makes a distinction between what he calls “Primary Qualities” and “Secondary Qualities.” Explain first what a quality is and then explain his distinction between the Primary and Secondary Qualities. Lastly, explain how this distinction allows him to think he has vindicated the work of Isaac Newton.
  6. Berkeley attempts to collapse Locke’s Primary/Secondary Quality distinction. Lay out his arguments for this. Explain his Master Argument (what he thinks physical objects really are) and demonstrate how it ties to the arguments that allow him to collapse the Primary/Secondary Quality distinction.
  7. Explain what Locke means by “substratum”. Berkeley mounts three attacks against this concept. Explain each. In attacking “substratum”, Berkeley believes he has provided an argument for the existence of God. Trace these arguments.

Responses to each study question are intended to be between 2-3 pages around 600-700 words. And also, question no.5 should be deliver to me on monday, Feb 17th, and I will tips you depend on your answer’s quality.


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