Philosophy paper easy questions will tip good

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Philosophy paper easy questions will tip good
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Answer only 6 (if you answer more than 6 I’ll just grade the first 6 I read. Each answer should be 1-2 pages (double-spaced, but this is only a suggestion.) You may not use any quotations in your answers and any non-original work (including paraphrases of the readings and notes) must be appropriately cited and attributed. Explain everything as thoroughly as possible. When necessary, give context to the rest of the reading (it’s almost always necessary to do this) and use your examples to help clarify your position. Answer the questions in a word document.

1) From Book VIII of the Republic, explain the distinction between an oligarchy and a democracy. Why do you think Plato “ranks” the oligarchy higher than the democracy? Do you agree? Explain.

2) Turing consider many objections in “The Imitation Game.” Present the objection (and reply) that you think was the strongest (explain why it was the strongest) and the objection (and reply) that you think was the weakest (and explain.)

3) From what you read in Gettier, what does it mean to say that a certain set of conditions is both necessary and sufficient for knowledge? Give an example of something that is necessary (but perhaps not sufficient) and something else, ie different than your first example, that is sufficient. In your own words, explain what conditions you think are necessary and/or sufficient for knowledge.

4) Explain Descartes 3 levels of doubt. Give examples of each. Which do you think is the most persuasive? Why?

5) Give two accounts of how we can come to know “triangle.” For this, you should reproduce the explanations of both Descartes and Locke. Finish by giving an argument for why you prefer one over the other.

6) Define Locke’s primary and secondary qualities. Explain how they are different and give examples of each.

7) What is the difference between strict and loose identity. Use the “2 THES” example to help your explanation.

8) For Locke (from the Second Treatise):

  1. Explain his account of the state of nature
  2. Explain why people leave the state of nature
  3. Explain what, if any, restrictions are placed on the Sovereign.


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