pick two movie and write about it | Get Quick Solution

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pick two movie and write about it | Get Quick Solution
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Pschology 101 pick two movie and tell me it and don’t start writing until my professor prove it

2 citation and 2 different source

The final paper should be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-font and include at least two scientific research citations (APA stye).

You will pick a movie from the list provided and write an analysis paper. The paper will be broken down into three parts and each piece has a set of points assigned to it. The following table provides the breakdowns of the paper.

Writing Assignment

Number of Points

Due Date


100 Total

If you prefer to use a book please consult with me.


Synopsis of Movie

Summarizes movie in (your) own words?

Focuses on and describes the main character whose development will be studied.

/6 pts

Middle Piece of Paper:

Applied Concepts & Theories

Explains the developmental theories which can be applied to this movie AND describes the developmental stage of your character. If applicable, use the three domains: physical, cognitive, social-emotional (personality).

/40 pts

Presents at least two examples from the movie which support the developmental theory or theories that fit(s) the explanation given

/12 pts

Explains the other influences such as peers, family, members, teachers, mentors, etc. in the film which may have affected the character’s development.


How does context- either culture, socioeconomic status, neighborhoods play a role in the child’s life?

Connects culture described in the literature with the child’s influences in the movie.

/10 pts


Summarize the movie and the concepts

/10 pts

General writing quality and use of at least two citations.

/12 pts

Total # of Points

100 pts.

follow the steps

pick one movie


Florida Project

Ordinary People


Girls Interrupted

Mean Girls


Almost Famous


Black Panther

Eighth Grade


Three Identical Strangers

Avengers: Infinity War

Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Green Book

Crazy Rich Asians

Ready Player One

Boy Erased

The Hate U Give

A Wrinkle in Time

Beautiful Boy

Inside Out

The Wizard of Oz


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