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pictograms images | Get Quick Solution
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included an image of the pictogram in your post. Anytime you refer to a visual work in your discussion posts you should also include the image to facilitate discussions.

my discussion

At the rear end of our school tuition block on the edge of the wall, signage has been inscribed. The signage indicates the direction of the bathroom. It is the most important sign you can find in any building in the whole world. Most people have seen this sign everywhere whenever they have to visit the bathroom (Ciochetto, 2003). It is a stick figure representing man and woman and is always placed in the bathrooms to show the different designation for both genders. The use of pictograms to show the location of the toilets is self-explanatory and the best mode of portraying the bathrooms instead of using words. People respond intuitively to images than words inscribed in signs. Most of the bathroom signs have images of both genders. The image of a man and woman stuck on a plaque is universal and does not always include wordings below it.

The use of stick-figure traditional signs for representing toilets is a standard form used in the whole world. The use of the signs is recognizable by all people and easy to interpret. The bathroom signs have withstood the test of time and effectively survived transitions between generations. Communicating information using pictograms is the best mode of displaying crucial information. People who speak a different language have easy time interpreting the toilet signs. When using the real image of a toilet to display its presence has proved to be so abrasive especially when using words. Most people respond reflexively to pictorial representation and prefer this mode of displaying information.


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