?Plato ‘s Republic, Essay One “The Pattern of Leadership” In the Republic,

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?Plato ‘s Republic, Essay One “The Pattern of Leadership” In the Republic,
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Plato ‘s Republic, Essay One “The Pattern of Leadership” In the Republic, we find a model of leadership emerging from the discussion between Socrates, Glaucon, and Adeimantus. The purpose of this essay is for you to articulate precisely what that pattern is and to think critically about it. The essay consists of two parts. 1. What is a leader, according to the argument? How are leaders educated, and why? How does their education keep both the city and themselves just? To answer these questions should take up approximately two thirds of your paper. 2. Critically evaluate this picture of leadership. Do you disagree with it? If so why? Or, perhaps you do agree but think there is something the argument has neglected. What might this be, and how is it important to an account of leadership? This portion should account for approximately one third of your paper. Format: 1500 words; 12 point, Times New Roman Font; Double Space; No Name Instructions: Introduction and conclusion; quote text with marginal notations; no works cited or bibliography; check spelling and grammar. Criteria for Evaluation: Your paper will be evaluated on the bases of (1) faithfulness to and insight about the argument; (2) attention to and explanation of relevant passages in the text; (3) clarity and philosophical relevance of your evaluation


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