Please answer to the questions in the word file. | Get Quick Solution

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Please answer to the questions in the word file. | Get Quick Solution
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Please read the whole PDF but especially, Ver Ch. 7; Coo 165-167; Jaffe 261-267

And then answer to the questions in the word file based on the contents in the PDF

the answers for each question should be in format of PARAGRAPH, or BULLET POINT

if you mention personal experience, please keep in mind that I am from south korea, born there and taught there for 16 years, and moved to new zealand high school when 17, and spent 3 years there, and then finally moved to Japan for University. I am currently attending Japanese university. I speak 3 languages, english, japanese, korean. I went to military and worked as policeman in Korea for 2 years. I was there for protecting civils from protestants.

please make precise, and detailed sentences, not artistic or good-looking vocabularies.


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