please follw instructions and follow APA no plagarism try to use more peer references and citations -as | Browse Solutions

Please submit your final draft of chapters 1-3, all preliminary pages, appendices, and references (due end of Week 14).Before submitting, you should review Chapter 2 to ensure that it aligns with Chapter 1 and 3. Are all of the variables in your research questions discussed in Chapter 2? Do you have literature in Chapter 2 that supports/justifies your research questions?Use Grammarly in Microsoft Word to review your assignment before submitting. Grammarly may show areas that you do not think need to be changed. If so, you should use the “trash” feature in Grammarly to remove each area that you do not think need to be addressed.Review all of your references. Are all references in APA format? Do all in-text citations have an associated reference in the reference list? Do you have references in the reference list that are not cited in the chapters?Did you follow the UC APA dissertation template? Note: You will need to continually review and update all chapters as you work on other areas of the dissertation. Chapters are not complete and final until approved by your committee and you successfully defend.Refer to the syllabus for the grading rubric.
In addition to Chapter 2 from 736, a complete proposal (Chapters 1 and 3), which answers some of the following questions:
Population/sample – is the population the correct one to answer the research question?
Are the research questions or hypotheses reflective of the chosen model/theory?
A discussion on how the research questions/hypotheses are going to be measured.
Permissions obtained.
Are the statistical tests identified and supported by previous research?
A discussion on reliability and validity.
Is the survey established and valid? If interview questions, are they based on the literature?

While there are many more questions to ask in the study, these help with the dissertation’s foundation. Make sure these questions are supported by quality, peer-reviewed, scholarly literature.
If this is a project-based dissertation, all of the above is still needed. In addition, an evaluation piece is needed – how is the data from that “project” going to be evaluated (literature), and how does that data answer the research questions?
Please ensure to run all final papers through the reports – use Blackboard’s internal plagiarism checker and Grammarly’s built-in plagiarism checker. Anything over 1% needs to be checked.
******Iam attaching comments for the work i did last time just use as references and please dont do the same avoid plagarism

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please follw instructions and follow APA no plagarism try to use more peer references and citations -as | Browse Solutions
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